About Room 5064

We quite often get asked, why Room 5064?

Room 5064 was a project we worked on for four years. A wonderful idea that started as a drama then morphed into a musical. It was based around a tale we’d heard about how a pair of BBC producers had adjacent offices on the Fifth Floor (The titular Room 5064) and shared a secretary, who occupied the waiting room. And in this waiting room, more often than not each producer’s star writers – Dennis Potter and Alan Bennett would bump into each other.

It was a clever idea, but we never got a hold of the agreed narrative and in the end, we had to make the hard decision to let it go – tantalising glimpses like the image on the right do live on. But, as with all good things – we got a company name out of it!

Since then we’ve produced theatre amongst friends both on and off-stage. Evolving from the embers of Lass Productions (look for the archive page to look back on this tremendous legacy!), we now produce:

  • Theatre – We regularly produce new drama and comedy with our smash hit, ‘We Apologise for the Inconvenience’ returning to Edinburgh by popular demand in 2021;
  • Events – Our ‘Audience With’ events and day festivals have been well-received working with on and off-screen talent from the world of cult television;
  • Film – we’ve co-produced a lockdown film filmed over Zoom, ‘Stuart and Dumplings’, and we are currently producing a faithful adaptation of Asimov’s ‘The Prophet’
  • Audio drama – as well as adaptations of our own original drama, we also are producing licensed audio productions starting with Ramsey Campbell’s ‘The Hungry Moon’
  • Publications – key Room 5064 personnel have launched Cutaway Comics, Manchester’s newest comic imprint, and publishing arm for Room 5064 content.

Contacting Us

We’d love to hear from you – the best way to get in touch with us is through our social media feeds: