Room 5064 are proud to produce film, audio plays and publications.

See below for examples of the productions we have worked on and click the images to find out more.


Production of a licensed adaptation of award-winning horror author Ramsey Campbell’s The Hungry Moon.

Publication of a full cast audio adaptation of hit show We Apologise for the Inconvenience on CD and Vinyl.

Production of audio commentaries to accompany issues for Cutaway Comics.


Coming in 2021 is a faithful adaptation of the lost Out of the Unknown episode, ‘The Prophet’ based on an Isaac Asimov short story.

Co-produced with Bamalam Productions is this short lockdown film starring Sam Barnard, Mina Anwar and Louise Jameson


Key Room 5064 personnel are involved in the launch of Cutaway Comics, a new Manchester-based comic imprint showcasing characters from the world of Doctor Who. Room 5064 is providing audio and video content to support.

Writer Mark Griffiths’ take on Douglas Adams struggles with procrastination, fame and writing is brought to book in this script of the smash-hit play.