Cutaway Comics

Cutaway Comics is a new Manchester-based comic imprint featuring contributions from many of the key Room 5064 team.

Launching in July 2020, the imprint’s launch title Lytton looks at one of the most enigmatic villains from the worlds of BBC TV’s Doctor Who and spins him off into his own universe.

Written by acclaimed Doctor Who author Eric Saward and with art from 2000 AD’s Barry Renshaw, the four issue mini-series spins off Doctor Who villain Lytton into his own universe – one where his jazz club plays good music and serves the finest food – everything is perfect. Except for the alien technology surfing the streets and the small matter of the strange noises in the sewers…

As part of Cutaway Comics offering, each issue bought directly from us includes a free DVD with content from the Room 5064 archive alongside newly-commissioned content including exclusive audio commentaries on the comics, as well as newly recorded commentaries on classic Doctor Who and Gangsters episodes – with more surprises to come!

Cutaway Comics is planning to launch three mini-series as part of it’s first chapter. The titles are:

  • Lytton written by Eric Saward, with art by Barry Renshaw
  • Omega: Vengeance written by Mark Griffiths with art by John Ridgway
  • Paradise Towers: Paradise Found written by Sean Mason, artist TBC

To purchase the comics, and for further information please go to

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