The Hungry Moon

On the black moors of northern England in the shadow of an modern missile base, a band of Druids enact their pagan rites… Rites which unleash a nightmare vision of two unspeakable horrors – ancient supernatural evil and  nuclear catastrophe…

Room 5064 Productions are producing a full cast audio drama adaptation of classic folk horror novel The Hungry Moon, with permission and input from its legendary author Ramsey Campbell. 

First published in 1986, The Hungry Moon won the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Set in an isolated Peak District village, it brilliantly combines the fear of a nuclear holocaust with the resurgence of an ancient supernatural evil. 

Ramsey Campbell is an English horror fiction writer, editor and critic who has been writing for well over 50 years. He is the author of over 30 novels and hundreds of short stories, many of them widely considered classics in the field. 

THE HUNGRY MOON by Ramsey Campbell, dramatized for audio by Ian Winterton, will be produced by Ian Winterton and Room 5064’s Creative Director Gareth Kavanagh and is scheduled to be released as a full-cast 140-minute audio drama in October 2020 with an RRP of £12.99 for download, or £15.99 for a double CD with download.